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Re: [ga] Some issues raised by today's FTC action

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, at 13:26 [=GMT-0500], DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

> The action taken by the FTC today to shut down the .usa website raises a
> number of issues.  The FTC alleges that the companies involved are not
> accredited domain name registrars, that the ".usa" domain names are not
> usable on the Internet, and that they probably never will be useable.
> Since when did ICANN accreditation become a necessary precondition to
> providing domain name registration services?  Is ICANN as a "coordinator" now
> being viewed as a "regulator" by US Government agencies?  Are all domains in
> the alternate roots now at risk?  On what basis is the claim being made that
> domains not in the legacy root "are not usable on the Internet" and will
> probably never be usable?

Yes, that not being accredited is a bit weird. But the fraud of this
'registrar' consisted mainly, in my eyes solely, in the domains not
working. There were no nameservers for them. They simply 'sold' a name and
did not provide the service, to wit DNS. The non-ICANN TLD's, which are
carried by alternative roots, do have nameservers. So they do work.  The
service is provided, even if one has to use an alternative root to see

> Would this claim be applicable to all the registrations previously sold for
> the internationalized domain names that didn't resolve during last year's
> test-bed period?

I doubt it. That was presented as an experiment. We knew that it might
fail in some way, even that some domains may be cancelled. If it flies, I
am curious whether I will be allowed to keep [paragraph sign].com. (Sorry,
only ASCII available here.)

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