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[ga] Some issues raised by today's FTC action

The action taken by the FTC today to shut down the .usa website raises a 
number of issues.  The FTC alleges that the companies involved are not 
accredited domain name registrars, that the ".usa" domain names are not 
usable on the Internet, and that they probably never will be useable. 

Since when did ICANN accreditation become a necessary precondition to 
providing domain name registration services?  Is ICANN as a "coordinator" now 
being viewed as a "regulator" by US Government agencies?  Are all domains in 
the alternate roots now at risk?  On what basis is the claim being made that 
domains not in the legacy root "are not usable on the Internet" and will 
probably never be usable?

Would this claim be applicable to all the registrations previously sold for 
the internationalized domain names that didn't resolve during last year's 
test-bed period?

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