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[ga] Uniform Domain Deletion Policy needed - at the REGISTRAR level.

As of a few days ago, NSI Registrar was backlogged with over 1.3 MILLION
names that are overdue for deletion.  Perhaps I should mention that this is
just the number of .COM names... total overdue seems to be well over 2
MILLION at this count.  What is that, ~14% of all names registered by VeriSign?

Chuck Gomes recently made the comment that the "the current high monthly
rate at which names are now deleting " should deplete the backlog soon.
However VeriSign Registrar (NSI Registrar) has failed to release anything
for almost 2 months!

It was my understanding that VeriSign Registrar had pledged last year to
have "eliminated the backlog entirely" by the first quarter of '02.  By my
calendar, that leave them about a week to live up to that - something I
don't see happening.

All this talk of "post deletion processes" and such, is off the mark, IMO.
What is needed is a UNIFORM Registrar's Deletion Policy that EVERY
registrar is mandated to follow.  Something like this:

1. Upon expiration of registration, should renewal fees not be paid to the
registrar, that name will be immediately put "on hold" and become unusable
to the registrant for a period of not less than 40 days, unless renewal is
made. Name may be renewed at any time during this period and promptly
removed from "on hold" status.

2. Domains that remain unpaid 40 days post expiry date shall be returned to
the registry to be made available for re-registration.  Registry shall
queue all names marked for deletion using the standard "5 day hold" process
used now.  No unpaid names shall remain in the registrar's control after 45
days, unpaid names must be deleted. Period. Registry fees charged to
Registrar's account will be refunded on all names returned to registry by
day 45 (just like now, except the registrar will now HAVE to hold the name
at least 40 days).

3.  All names will stay in the registry deletion queue for 5 days, then
they shall be deleted and be made available during the regular scheduled
batch deletion only.

This does many things and adds no additional layers/load/processes/nonsense.  

1. It provides the original Registrant with at least 40 days of opportunity
to "redeem/recover" the name in the most expeditious way possible - from
the registrar.  

2. It provides the original Registrant with plenty of notice (domain
doesn't work for 40 days) and gives registrant ample opportunity to reclaim
the name.

3. It provides a uniforn deletion process and schedule for both the
registrar and the registry, so there is no further complications.

4. It eliminates the "Hoarding/Warehousing" problem completely.

True, this does not provide VGRS with any sort of "additional revenue" from
some invented "product/service" but it does serve the registrants interests
and also removes a lot of the issues on the table right now in the most
elementary fashion.


Harold Whiting
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