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Re: [ga] Domain name redemption: Supplemental paper / post-deletiontransfers

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, at 08:04 [=GMT-0800], Genie Livingstone wrote:

> Interesting how everyone seems to address everything in deleted
> process BUT domain hoarding of thousands of domains by Verisign
> example
> Record last updated on 13-Nov-2001.
> Record expires on 16-Jul-2000.
> Record created on 15-Jul-1997.
> First and foremost, this domain hoarding issue needs to be solved
> before any Redemptions or WLS's have any value whatsoever.

I agree with this completely. The large number of hoarded domains also
puts compensation to the registry for a longer grace period, suggested in
the new ICANN paper, in a strange light. The registry of COM/NET/ORG does
not seem to care much for the lost revenue of on hold domains.

Also, why should only the registry be compensated for the loss of possible
profit through a longer grace period? The registrars also face this...

All in all: Patchwork. ICANN should come up with a complete solution for
the expiration/renewal/hoarding problem. And make WLS obsolete in the

Marc Schneiders

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