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Re: [ga] Uniform Domain Deletion Policy needed - at the REGISTRAR level.

Harold and all assembly members,

  Good points here Harold.  Indeed a mandatory delete process
needs to be imposed upon all of the registrars and registries and
then enforced rigidly.

Harold Whiting wrote:

> As of a few days ago, NSI Registrar was backlogged with over 1.3 MILLION
> names that are overdue for deletion.  Perhaps I should mention that this is
> just the number of .COM names... total overdue seems to be well over 2
> MILLION at this count.  What is that, ~14% of all names registered by VeriSign?
> Chuck Gomes recently made the comment that the "the current high monthly
> rate at which names are now deleting " should deplete the backlog soon.
> However VeriSign Registrar (NSI Registrar) has failed to release anything
> for almost 2 months!
> It was my understanding that VeriSign Registrar had pledged last year to
> have "eliminated the backlog entirely" by the first quarter of '02.  By my
> calendar, that leave them about a week to live up to that - something I
> don't see happening.
> All this talk of "post deletion processes" and such, is off the mark, IMO.
> What is needed is a UNIFORM Registrar's Deletion Policy that EVERY
> registrar is mandated to follow.  Something like this:
> 1. Upon expiration of registration, should renewal fees not be paid to the
> registrar, that name will be immediately put "on hold" and become unusable
> to the registrant for a period of not less than 40 days, unless renewal is
> made. Name may be renewed at any time during this period and promptly
> removed from "on hold" status.
> 2. Domains that remain unpaid 40 days post expiry date shall be returned to
> the registry to be made available for re-registration.  Registry shall
> queue all names marked for deletion using the standard "5 day hold" process
> used now.  No unpaid names shall remain in the registrar's control after 45
> days, unpaid names must be deleted. Period. Registry fees charged to
> Registrar's account will be refunded on all names returned to registry by
> day 45 (just like now, except the registrar will now HAVE to hold the name
> at least 40 days).
> 3.  All names will stay in the registry deletion queue for 5 days, then
> they shall be deleted and be made available during the regular scheduled
> batch deletion only.
> This does many things and adds no additional layers/load/processes/nonsense.
> 1. It provides the original Registrant with at least 40 days of opportunity
> to "redeem/recover" the name in the most expeditious way possible - from
> the registrar.
> 2. It provides the original Registrant with plenty of notice (domain
> doesn't work for 40 days) and gives registrant ample opportunity to reclaim
> the name.
> 3. It provides a uniforn deletion process and schedule for both the
> registrar and the registry, so there is no further complications.
> 4. It eliminates the "Hoarding/Warehousing" problem completely.
> True, this does not provide VGRS with any sort of "additional revenue" from
> some invented "product/service" but it does serve the registrants interests
> and also removes a lot of the issues on the table right now in the most
> elementary fashion.
> --HJW--
> Harold Whiting
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