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Re: Re[4]: [ga] Fw: Discussion Paper: Redemption Grace Periods for Deleted Names

Friday, February 15, 2002, 3:04:11 AM, Abel Wisman wrote:
> > Harold and Assembly,
> > Harold, you come close. To many "forget" the thin line that reads:
> > "Registrars would be able to redeem the name in the registry for the
> > original registrant by payment renewal fees, plus a service charge, to
> > the registry operator."
> > "plus a service charge" ....
William X Walsh wrote
> Good catch, Abel.
> This should definitely be removed, or specified to be no more than $1
> for instance if it must be in at all.
> I Strongly urge that line be completely removed.

Yes, that one line leads me to believe that this might be yet another
attempt by our Verisign Friends to sneak in yet another angle to close in
on expiring domain market.  This time via ICANN.

Verisign even highlights this in their answers to WLS questions document
page 14: Verisign states:
c) If a name is deleted "in error", does it go back to the original
o In the original WLS proposal, VGRS recommended that there be a 15-day
Registry Hold period for all deleted name registrations, including those for
a WLS subscription existed. During this period, a registrar could reinstate
registration if an inadvertent deletion occurred. In the revised WLS
proposal, this
provision was removed because ICANN is going to take the lead in the process
that hopefully will lead to such a procedure, possibly for a period longer
than 15
days. It is possible that the ICANN process and the subsequent
implementation of
an extended Registry Hold period for all deleted registrations will not be
completed before the possible implementation of the WLS. If that happens,
would be willing to consider implementing an interim procedure to provide
this need (see the answer to question A.3). Comments in this regard would be
I find it interesting that Verisign quotes ICANN process taking place as
Verisign has inside scoop on the whole thing.

As I see it, WLS would place Verisign Registry on top of monopoly charging
$35 per year
on 1,000,000 plus subscriptions


Verisign Registry would collect thus far undisclosed amount for 'service
to return the domain to the Registrar.  Unless the 'service charge'
is reasonable $1.00 or $2.00 I see this "Grace Period Proposal" as

I urge everyone to use the feedback email listed on the bottom of the
to express your position on this issue.

Genie Livingstone

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