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Re[2]: [ga] Fw: Discussion Paper: Redemption Grace Periods for Deleted Names

At 11:00 PM 2/14/2002 -0800, William X Walsh wrote:
>Thursday, Thursday, February 14, 2002, 10:56:46 PM, Harold Whiting wrote:
>> At 10:13 PM 2/14/2002 -0800, William X Walsh wrote:
>>>I don't have a real problem with this, actually.  My only comment is
>>>that it should be stated that the registrar can ONLY redeem the
>>>registration for the original registrant, and not for any other
>>>customer or prospective customer of the registrar.  I know this may be
>>>implied, but it should be specific in this restriction.
>> Actually, I have quite a few concerns about this.  
>> Isn't this what the 45 day "Grace Period" after the renewal date is for?
>That is optional per registrar.  There are registrars who delete names
>much sooner after expiration.

My suggestion is that THIS is where there should be uniformity.  If all
registrars are mandated to follow the same procedure during the 45 day
window and delete names uniformly, we solve not only the "mistakes" but
also the hoarding issue.  This makes far more sense than to add yet another
layer of opportunity to manipulate the system by numerous parties
>> Don't most registrars pull the name from resolving shortly after the
>> expiration date anyway if the renewal fees are unpaid?
>No, not all of them do.

See above.  I suggest the 30 day hold period be mandated during the 45 day
window.  This plan also makes it far easier for the Registrar to "recover"
the name for thier registrant since it is still under thier control and
eliminates any extra burden on the registry to administrate this and also
any need to "charge an extra fee" to the registrar for "recovering" the name.
>> What this effectively does is give VGRS COMPLETE control over deletions
>> from ALL registrars.
>No more so than now, really, except instead of 5 days, they wait 45.
>This is nothing but a change from 5 to 45.

you mean 35, right?

>Best regards,
>William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

Harold Whiting
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