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Re: [ga] Re: Read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list

At 14.02.2002 11:05, DNSO Secretariat wrote:
>On 13 Feb, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote :
>> On 8 January Alexander Svensson reiterated his request to the Council for 
>> read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list.  Mr. Sheppard advised that 
>> he has already asked our new technical support at the DNSO secretariat to 
>> look into the problem and noted that the tech support unit has been asked to 
>> report back on the options/costs for a solution.
>> I am not yet aware of such a report from the Secretariat.  Has it been 
>> released or is it expected to soon be forthcoming?
>Read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list is already done through
>a transparent access to archives.
>(sent mail to the list appears on the archives five minutes later).

There must be a misunderstanding here: What I have proposed
and reiterated and what Danny re-reiterated is that read-only 
*E-MAIL* access is unavailable. Transparent access to archives
presumably means *WEB* access. 

Cf. http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/agenda/Arc00/msg00055.html

(One of the (rather few ;)) privileges of being GA Alt.Chair is
that you get the NC list delivered to your mailbox. This is
obviously much more convenient than permanently looking for 
updates in the web archives. )

So I'll re-re-reiterate my request at the next regular NC meeting!

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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