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To our WHOIS Task Force representatives:

The Task Force has been reviewing raw survey data during the course of the 
last four months (it was first made available the week of 15 October).  At 
this point in time I am given to understand that the TF has still not 
finished evaluating a random set of 300 responses (which is perhaps only 10% 
of the total number of all survey submissions).

My concern is that NC Task Forces have typically set aside only 10 days to 2 
weeks for public comments.  How can the public evaluate all the raw data 
within 2 weeks (and the corresponding TF recommendations) if the TF can't 
even finish a review of one-tenth of the surveys in two months?

I would appreciate it if you could again raise this issue within the TF.  I 
would favor publishing all the raw data to the web immediately so that other 
interested parties may also begin the evaluation process.
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