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[ga] Re: Read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list

On 13 Feb, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote :
> On 8 January Alexander Svensson reiterated his request to the Council for 
> read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list.  Mr. Sheppard advised that 
> he has already asked our new technical support at the DNSO secretariat to 
> look into the problem and noted that the tech support unit has been asked to 
> report back on the options/costs for a solution.
> I am not yet aware of such a report from the Secretariat.  Has it been 
> released or is it expected to soon be forthcoming?

Read-only e-mail access to the Names Council list is already done through
a transparent access to archives.
(sent mail to the list appears on the archives five minutes later).

This access has been eased through a direct access from the homepage called 'mailing list'.


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