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[ga] GA position on the Structure TF report

There have been several interesting ideas about funding models on 
this thread, all of which suffer in one degree or another from 
obstacles relating to timing, willingness of those who control purse 
strings to go along, transaction costs, etc.

It appears that there is only one option that has any possibility of 
implementation any time soon - a self-organized initial cohort of 
ALSO participants who are willing to pay a membership fee by credit 
card on a secure web site.

Is there interest in an imperfect but feasible option?

There are tens of millions of Internet users who routinely use credit 
cards for secure online transactions.  The Board previously indicated 
that its lower threshold for viability of an At Large organization 
was 5,000.   $25x5000 = US $125,000, which is at least a start on a 
self-sustaining organization.  $25x10,000 = $250,000 which sounds 
more likely to cover the related costs, assuming that all of the 
leadership continues to be volunteer.

As Alexander's quote of Rosa indicates, ISOC could not build a 
sustaining individual membership at $35 a year.  If ICANN ALSO can't 
meet that general type of minimum test, then the prospects for At 
Large aren't very good.

- Mike
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