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Re: [ga] GA position on the Structure TF report

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 08:34:39 -0800, Mike Roberts
<mmr@darwin.ptvy.ca.us> wrote:

>There are tens of millions of Internet users who routinely use credit 
>cards for secure online transactions.  The Board previously indicated 
>that its lower threshold for viability of an At Large organization 
>was 5,000.   $25x5000 = US $125,000, which is at least a start on a 
>self-sustaining organization.  $25x10,000 = $250,000 which sounds 
>more likely to cover the related costs, assuming that all of the 
>leadership continues to be volunteer.

Hi Mike - can you post a reference to where the Board has indicated
this lower threshold?  It is of interest to me as the DNSO Structure
Taskforce has also been debating what the lower threshold should be.

Can I say at the outset that with only 35,000 people voting last time,
the chances of getting 5,000 people to initially pay US$25 is near
zero in my estimation.  

I believe that an initial fee should be no more than US$5, a minimum
threshold of 1,000 (ten times greater than any constituency) and ICANN
to provide initial transition funding.  *Maybe* after a year or two
when there is a working active ALSO could one look at a higher fee or
a higher threshold but to put them os high at the beginning will doom
the ALSO before it is born in which case we will have wasted $500,000
on the ALSC.

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