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RE: [ga] GA position on the Structure TF report

Hello Peter!

At 11.02.2002 08:22, Peter de Blanc wrote:
>While I do not necessary agree with IPC recommendations, I do DISAGREE
>about the (possible) ability of At-Large to pay, or to become a
>financial force within ICANN.
>With the voluntary or obligatory  donation  of only one US  dollar each,
>the AT-Large could easily become an awesome financial force.

1 US$ donation transferred from my bank account to a
US bank account costs me (1 US$ + 9.63 US$ fee=) 10.63 US$.
With GhanaExpress and NigeriaDirect (Commonwealth Financial
Services Ltd.), you can transfer 1 US$ from Nigeria/Ghana
for a 12 US$ fee.

Yes, there are ten non-US countries where PayPal allows withdrawals
to local bank accounts, none of them in Africa or South America.
But don't forget that 2.9% + 30 UScent = 0,329 US$ is swallowed
by PayPal.

I have read that in some Africa countries the use of credit cards
for transactions involving foreign payments is prohibited.
But then, how many people have credit cards even in Europe?

If there was an easy way to donate 1 US$ per person, fine.
If it is a voluntary donation, okay. But I'm afraid that the
transaction costs for small fees are totally out of proportion.
As Rosa Delgado pointed out at the ICANN Studienkreis meeting
in Salzburg: ISOC just dropped its global membership fee. (You
may still be forced to pay your ISOC chapter, but not the

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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