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RE: [ga] charging for renewals after expiry

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, admin wrote:

> >most registrars (including alice's registry) contain a provision in
> their
> >registration agreements that reserve the right to charge a customer to
> >"revive" a registration that has expired.
> >there may be alot of work involved ro revive registrations hense the
> >proision for the charge.
> I have never heard of such a thing.


> I use Tucows to register my domains and the cost is exactly the same
> whether I renewal before or after the expiration date.

that all depends on how long after the expiration date you renew, wait 60
days after the expiration date and see if you can renew that domain.

> Why would this cost be different for other regisrars? What exactly is
> this "be alot of work involved" referring to?

because its up to registrars how to write their registration agreements
and how to implement their technology.

understand that alice's registry has never charged a fee for re-instating
a deleted domain; however the provision exists and this is what i wanted
to point out.


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