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Please stop this discussion. (Re: [ga] Re: Jumping Up Every Five Minutes)

Could we just stop this thread, please?

This discussion has arrived at a point where it leads nowhere, with 
the possible exception of unnecessary work for Alexander when 
dealing with complaints about offensive language, or possibly 
off-topic postings.

Generally, alt.root discussions do not help this GA to move forward 
in any sensible way (this particular one certainly does not).  Quite 
frankly, there are more than enough ICANN-related topics which could 
use some reasonable discussion instead.  Wasting time on alt.roots 
instead doesn't let this GA look very well.

Postings which go one meta-level further, and discuss how frequently 
alt.root discussions have actually occured over the last couple of 
years, and whether list members may state for themselves that 
alt.root discussions are off-topic when there is a list monitor, 
also don't really contribute to the business of this GA.

So, please stop this discussion, enjoy the weather (where 
enjoyable), and possibly listen to those nice little mp3s available 
 from icannwatch.org.

BTW, whoever that anonymous artis is, can we please get a life 
performance for the physical GA meeting in Accra, or possibly at 
some later ICANN meeting?  That may greatly help to add the 
necessary dose of humor. ;-)

Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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