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RE: [ga] Special treatment at NSI?

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, at 20:32 [=GMT-0500], John Berryhill wrote:

> > > I think UltSearch was simply transferring names INTO Network Solutions
> > > from other registrars
> >
> > No, that was not the case. It was already in NetSol. Another name, with
> > another registrant, with which the same happened, same funny dates:
> >
> > excuses.net.
> >
> > Maybe someone from VeriSign could explain this?
> Nobody from Verisign or anyone else needs to explain why a domain name
> remained with its registrant.
> I have observed lately that this situation often happens when domain names
> are transferred inbound to NSI, and as Chuck will verify, I have
> corresponded with him about it at considerable length.  The usual pattern is
> that the registry picks up the change, and points to NSI, but NSI provides
> no WHOIS data for the name.  This causes no shortage of headaches when the
> transfer is pursuant to a registrant transfer at the same time, and the
> transferee watches the whois data disappear.

But the examples I gave, were not transfers to Verisign, but names that
remained at Verisign, but with a _new_ first registered date, and an
expiration date related to the original first registration. Also they do
have the whois data.

You are talking about somthing else.

> Annoying, but nothing sinister at all.

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