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RE: [ga] Special treatment at NSI?

> > I think UltSearch was simply transferring names INTO Network Solutions
> > from other registrars
> No, that was not the case. It was already in NetSol. Another name, with
> another registrant, with which the same happened, same funny dates:
> excuses.net.
> Maybe someone from VeriSign could explain this?

Nobody from Verisign or anyone else needs to explain why a domain name
remained with its registrant.

I have observed lately that this situation often happens when domain names
are transferred inbound to NSI, and as Chuck will verify, I have
corresponded with him about it at considerable length.  The usual pattern is
that the registry picks up the change, and points to NSI, but NSI provides
no WHOIS data for the name.  This causes no shortage of headaches when the
transfer is pursuant to a registrant transfer at the same time, and the
transferee watches the whois data disappear.

Annoying, but nothing sinister at all.

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