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[ga] Transfer Task Force Teleconference

The Transfer Task Force will host a two hour conference call on Friday,
January 31 at 12:00 p.m.  The subject is 'apparent authority'.

As you can see from reading the Transfer Task Force mail archive, it is
fairly structured and the conference call is no exception.

A limited number of guest ports will be available to constituency
members. Those in the GA that are interested in participating should
contact me directly (and not clutter up the list) at
synthesis@videotron.ca.  Anyone who participates should be ready to
commit to the entire length of the call.

Remember that constituency members who also participate in the GA should
normally go to their respective  constituencies for guest dialin access,
and not to the GA.   Participants should  give a (brief) account of what
you want to contribute to the call, and what kind of questions you want
to ask.   The objective of the very restricted approach to guest dialins
is to get as many points of view represented as possible, while, at the
same time, adding as few participants as possible.

To include othes who cannot make the full call duration, if there are
questions members wish to ask of the task force, let me know.  As it is
a structured call we are trying have questions/issues published in
advance so all participants can go in prepared. If you can use the
subject line "Transfer Task Force Teleconference Question", it will help
me find it among the hundreds of messages I read every day.

I need to know who is interested in participating in the call *before*
Monday (that means effectively berfore midnight Eastern time, Sunday,
January 27th, 2000). Same deadline for questions you wish to submit
whether or not you wish to participate in the call.

Dan Steinberg

SYNTHESIS:Law & Technology
35, du Ravin  phone: (613) 794-5356
Chelsea, Quebec  fax:   (819) 827-4398
J9B 1N1                 e-mail:synthesis@videotron.ca

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