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[ga] Re: [GTLD Registries List] Vint Cerf: registrars should not apply for names for themselves

Richard and all,

  It's commonly called "Being purposefully ignorant" in business circles.
As such, one must also remember that ICANN can only make recommendations
to the NTIA before policy can be put into place and than enforced.  However
as this sort of problem has been known and understood even before
ICANN was formed, and articulated by many, it would seem that
the depth of the ignorance on the part of the ICANN BoD and staff
is very evident, yet again...

  I would also add, that much of this seems to now parallel the
Enron fiasco in a number of ways....

Richard Henderson wrote:

> Surely a clear definition is needed immediately?
> If industry insiders are able to apply for domain names, using their
> facilities, to procure names that are meant to be available to the general
> public (and especially at times like the release of new names from a new
> Registry) then this is really the same as "Insider Dealing/Trading".
> How can the public invest trust if Registrars procure good names for
> themselves?
> How can the consumer be protected?
> There is evidence of widespread Registrar activity in the procurement of
> names for themselves and their employees during the .info Start Up.
> Along with the way in which Registrar companies made money through breaking
> the rules (and submitting ineligible names) this creates huge cause for
> concern. Over 5000 ineligible Sunrise names were sponsored (for profit) by
> the companies of Afilias executives and directors. That is an overwhelming
> conflict of interest (particularly as it resulted in the defrauding of
> Landrush customers of in region of $3,000,000).
> If, as Vint says, registrars "are not supposed to trade for their own
> account", then why has no action been taken against Registrars who DID?
> Surely the consumer has to be protected, and there has to be action or ICANN
> is abdicating on its responsibilities.
> In the .info Roll-out, some Registrars inserted hundreds of fake TM numbers
> In the .info Roll-out, some Registrars bought hundreds of names for
> themselves. THOSE REGISTRARS ARE STILL TRADING (even though some of their
> fakes have been successfully challenged).
> In the .info Roll-out, ICANN agreed a Sunrise checking procedure SO flimsy
> that even applications with "NONE" in all the data fields were accepted.
> Then Afilias granted the registrations. And ICANN didn't interven over the
> abuse of its own contract (even though the company of the Afilias CEO
> profited from sponsoring at leat 100 names against his own procedure with
> "NONE" in all the TM data fields).
> Where is the protection for the consumer?
> Where is the control of rogue individuals or companies?
> If Vint Cerf says Registrars may not apply for themselves, why does he allow
> it?
> Regards
> Richard
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> for names for themselves
> > Richard and all,
> >
> >   You again pose some very good questions.  They have been ask before
> > without and a definitive answer.  I suspect, despite what Vint may have
> > indicated (See your comments below) that the answer will not be
> > forthcoming any time soon.  I hope I am proven wrong of that however.
> > I await a public announcement outlining the answers from Stuart, Vint,
> > and Louis...
> > Regards,
> > --
> > Jeffrey A. Williams

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