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In a message dated 1/20/2002 3:06:28 PM Central Standard Time, 
jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< Richard Henderson wrote:
 >   I would like to ask the forum: What is the position on Registrars
 > applying for names for themselves, especially at the new release of
 > names by a Registry? My concern was alerted at the start of the .info
 > roll-out.
 > On 15th July I was already worried about the possibility of Registrars
 > using their positions to buy domains for themselves, so I wrote to
 > Vint Cerf:
 > "At 04:55 PM 7/15/2001 +0100, Richard Henderson wrote: Please could
 > you advise me on a concern I have about the administration of the
 > .info domains during the "Start Up" period? As an ordinary member of
 > the public, I have applied to a number of certified registrars to
 > apply for certain .info domain names.
 > My concern and question is this:
 > What is there to stop a registrar applying for popular domains
 > themselves even if I have paid them to apply on my behalf? (Almost all
 > registrars charge a nominal sum, but it is not the sum that concerns
 > me, rather the right and access of the general public to domain names
 > in a transparent process)"
 > "registrars are not supposed to "trade for their own account" so to
 > speak. I copied stuart lynn, ceo, and louis touton, general counsel,
 > in case they have additional specifics to offer."
 > Questions for the Forum:
 > What instances have there been, of Registrars applying for names for
 > themselves, and has Vint Cerf intervened when this has happened?
 > What is the position of Registries if they are informed that
 > Registrars have applied for names for themselves, which may conflict
 > with the right of the public to a fair and even-handed distribution of
 > new names?
 > >>
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