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Re: [ga] Concerning Workgroups

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:18:09 +0000, Abel Wisman <abel@able-towers.com>

>Several posts on this list, have asked for a workgroup to be formed to 
>discuss the topic of DELETE.
>It sems that there are very few against it and a gerat deal more afore.
>The creation of the workgroups could not be realized because NC has to 
>release maillists was one argument, I countered that by offering to supply 
>such lists.

Then it is not a DNSO WG but a private one hosted by you.  If people
want private ones we could use Yahoo Groups.

>The advantages of such a group (or groups) can be numerous;
>it would take the noise of this list

Noise is stuff which is off topic.  The GA list is designed exactly
for discussing proposals such as WLS.

>It is my opinion that such a group should be formed to start with the 
>workgroup DELETE. mainly in order to produce proposals in accordance with the 
>request as worded in the mail from RWR 
>I kindly to submit to the chair to endorse such a group, either through the 
>NC or through own initiative (as above proposed) .

I do support asking the NC to set up a WG on this issue.  If the NC
agrees then it will be a worthwhile exercise as it will be official.

If the NC do not agree then anything the GA sets up is simply a
dedicated mailing list.  We already have seven of these and they have
all been defunct for three months or more.  If people want to they can
use one of those but history has shown us most people continue to use
the main GA list.

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