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[ga] Concerning Workgroups


Several posts on this list, have asked for a workgroup to be formed to 
discuss the topic of DELETE.
It sems that there are very few against it and a gerat deal more afore.

The creation of the workgroups could not be realized because NC has to 
release maillists was one argument, I countered that by offering to supply 
such lists.

The advantages of such a group (or groups) can be numerous;
it would take the noise of this list
it would gather ppl who would like to give their input on the subject and not 
clutter ppl who prefer to talk about other topics on the list
it would not have limited postings so a discussion could go faster

ti cold then prepare a "draft" for the GA to discuss , re-draft and have the 
GA vote on the draft as a final proposal.

This workgroup would not have limitations on participation, so anyone who 
wants to share an opinion on the subject would be welcomed.

It is my opinion that such a group should be formed to start with the 
workgroup DELETE. mainly in order to produce proposals in accordance with the 
request as worded in the mail from RWR 

I kindly to submit to the chair to endorse such a group, either through the 
NC or through own initiative (as above proposed) .
If the chair so pleases A vote on the desirability of such (a) workgroup(s) 
could be organized on short term, albeit that time is pressing.


abel wisman

Abel Wisman
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