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[ga] concerning seperate "reseller" group


It somehow seems weird to me that everyone with an opinion needs to be put in 
a little box where he or she is best represented.
It is my opinion that no one represents oneself better then oneself.

Where would one go if one A. does busines not related to registration or isp 
but also pretends to be ISP and reseller in domains?

business ?
resellers ?

or should one becomes accredited registrar and join registrars ?

or  as domainnameholder should one join that group ?

perhaps we shuld create a group "non of the above"  that might be a solution 
too for those less willing to "come out".

If the GA showed more signs of structurised constituency we might even become 
a real constituency with our own council and prepresentation, perhaps that is 
the goal we would like to work towards.

I submit we don't judge anyone here but just try and reach a workable 
environment that can be recognized by NC and ICANN as a clear representation 
for those that chose to be part of it and do nto feel at home n any of the 
other constituencies.

with regards


Abel Wisman
office	+44-20 84 24 24 2 2
mobile +44-78 12 14 19 16

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