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[ga] concerning WLS proposal

We are yet to reach consensus on the proposed WLS.

I have "tasted" several flavours of approach to this, and i still think we 
should create our "own" answer in a seperate group that can swiftly and 
"sans" limitations create such a draft, but since the chair wont move, we 
have to move ourselves.

It is clear that most are in agreement on the fact that the given proposal is 
not accpetable.

Grounds for this are;

VGRS creates a new monopoly
Non-renewals are made more lucrative
No "open" bid was made towards creating the system
Competition between registrars is fading
The legality of ths system is doubtfull 
DN holders rights are ignored
This is not the solution to the delete problem.
Pricing of the service is not made on cost but market preparedness
Pricing is in fact a pricelift of domain-registration

Further more i think we agree on the fact that the delete problem should be 
solved first.

In order to solve the delete problem, or to have GA input on that, we have a 
great post from RWR 

let that document be a lead for proposals that make some sense



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