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[ga] Thank you.

I'm writing this message on behalf of Alexander and myself.  First
of all, we'd like to thank you for the trust you have expressed by 
giving us your votes.

We'll try to make this mailing list a better place for fruitful 
discussions on DNSO issues - under the assumption that the NC 
chooses to follow the GA's wishes, of course. ;-)

Some things we'll do, or try to do:

 - Alexander will take over list monitoring.  For the time being, 
   he'll be the only list monitor.
 - The GA's rules of conduct and the posting limit (5 posts per day 
   and individual) will be enforced. In particular, those who are 
   currently exceeding their posting limit on a regular basis should 
   make use of the time until the names council teleconference on 
   Friday to get used to a lower posting frequency again.

 - The GA summary will be posted on a half-regular basis (I'll try
   weekly, but I can't promise).  The summary is intended to help
   those who don't read every posting to this list to understand
   what's going on, and not to miss the more important and
   substantial points.  In particular, we'd appreciate if
   representatives from DNSO constituencies could regularly forward
   the summary to their constituencies' mailing lists.

   (Of course, you can also just drop me a line and tell me where I 
   should send it.)

 - We'll try to persuade the DNSO constituencies to more frequently 
   move discussions on interesting and important topics to the GA 
   list, like the registrars did with WLS.  Of course, constituency 
   members are welcome to follow the topics. ;-)

 - We'll try to persuade the GA's representatives to the various task 
   forces to send reports to the GA list on a half-regular basis. 
   Look at David Farrar's report from the review task force, or at 
   Marc Schneider's latest summary on dot-org for examples.

   (We'll write more on the Task Force vs. WG issue in a separate 

You may notice that much of this involves persuading others to do 
something.  That's right.  We can't, we don't want, and we won't 
be the entertainers who fill this mailing list with discussions.

However, we will try to make sure that YOU find an agreeable 
framework for intelligent discussions on this mailing list.

Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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