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[ga] The Contradiction Is Obvious

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002 18:46:24 -0800, William X Walsh wrote:

> On Thursday, January 10, 2002, 2:23:52 AM, abel wrote:
> > Let me make it a little bit more clear, though English is not my primary
> > language:
> > You are not appointed by anyone to decide upon who participates and how
> > participates, not who one represents, or wants to represent, nor are you
> > guardian of my rights of free speach, whether as an individual or as a
> > (business) entity or any other representation, those decisions are to the
> > individuals and the organisations they represent if so.
> Great. We are in agreement!  I never claimed to be or do any of those
> things!  So you can keep your comments on this subject to yourself in
> the future, since they are without point.

Hi William

First you claim to agree with Abel.

Then you immediately disregard his very clear statement that he should be
allowed rights of free speech by telling him to "keep his comments to

Not only that you make a habit of goading, provoking and bullying anybody on
the list who you feel dares to venture an opinion contrary to your own.
Concurrently you say:

"I've always said people are free to speak for themselves as individuals, and
that this is how they should participate here."


"So you can keep your comments on this subject to yourself in the future,
since they are without point."

It's a pity you can't see the obvious contradiction in these two sentences.

You demand obeidience and order us what to do and say.  Has it occurred to you
that we might as well all resign from the list and let you do all the talking
on our behalf !!!

Patrick Corliss

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