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Re[6]: [ga] Using the Sub-Lists

Thursday, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 1:58:57 AM, abel wrote:

> William,

> Your mail speaks of "us" and "we" "the participants" which all refers to a
> general group in consensus.

I found a couple instances where I used this manner:
We are actually seeing the IDNO move forward and
taking actions that Joop does not approve of and being able to do so
without his being able to kneecap or manipulate the outcome has in the

I think that was clearly indicating "we" meaning the IDNO

Last time I checked, you were not an IDNO participant, and the "we"
clearly didn't refer to you.

Thank you for pointing out my long and impressive record with
tracking people who are less than honest who have been participants on
this list and others (most of these came from the Domain Policy list,
not the GA list anyway).

The "participants" referred to above where the NAMED individuals in
Patrick's emails whom I have, in the past (most in the FAR past),
caught in lies (most on a DIFFERENT LIST).  There is no way you could
even stretch this to make it sound like I was referring to you or
anyone else here who was not specifically named.

Again, Abel, stick to the discussion.  Unlike others here who make up
fake organizations they claim to represent, I never claim to speak for
anyone but myself.  I've always said people are free to speak for
themselves as individuals, and that this is how they should
participate here.

Your criticism was without merit.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

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