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[ga] Re: WG delete

Hello Group:
I just finished reading
It does appear that WLS is dead.
I would also like to hear from Chuck if a further feedback/review is
I would be happy to provide my time.  This is a very important
set of issues and it costs our Company hundreds of customer service
Genie Livingstone

> Hello,
> --- Eric Dierker <eric@hi-tek.com> wrote:
> > Ok we are finally starting to resolve on this list.
> >
> > I would like now to see Genie and Abel & George become co-chairs.
> >
> > any objections or refusals.
> >
> > time is crucial
> Before deciding, I'd like to hear comments from Chuck and some of the
> registrars -- is further input really required at this point? Given the
> slant of things at the registrar's conference call, WLS seems dead,
> with no firm timeline for its replacement. If Verisign wants to propose
> a formal process to consider all options, that ICANN definitely
> recognizes, I wouldn't mind having some role. I guess as an economist,
> I want to economize my energies, and not waste them in venues that are
> "ad-hoc" and don't make a diffference.
> George Kirikos
> http://www.kirikos.com/
> P.S. Plus, I've only been on the DNSO mailing lists for a few days, so
> I'd feel a little uneasy at not being fully up to speed on all the
> organizational details, methodologies, and formalities. Being part of a
> large team would be more comfortable for me personally, with
> representatives from the appropriate (even multiple?)
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