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[ga] Re: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry Re-circulation System


Folks - a general comment - single yourself out if you wish ;)

I'd like to point out that there are several stakeholders that need to be
heard on this issue. Based on my best guess, I'd say that today, these
various groups include;

- law enforcement interests,
- intellectual property holders,
- non-com's,
- registrars,
- public interest/advocacy groups,
- big business, small business, medium business and going out-of-business,
- individuals,
- infrastructure providers,
- registries, both generic and iso-3166
- network operators and ISPs,
- resellers,
- a bunch that I've missed and,
- speculators.

Each person or interest from each of these different camps will have a
slightly different spin on the situation and a slightly different interest
to protect/advance. In other words, we are here and participating because we
are self-interested. This holds true for me, ChuckG, Mr. Whiting, the gang
from SnapNames, AfterNIC et al and everyone on the sidelines trying to make
up their minds. Try and keep this in mind lest you be tempted to single
people out based on their interests and agenda.

A unique thing about the ICANN process is that loose agreement on the
principles and way forward is a pre-requisite to getting anything done. Only
by inclusively and maturely analysing the ideas and proposals will we get

<Game on>


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