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Re[4]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

Tuesday, Tuesday, January 08, 2002, 6:59:50 PM, George Kirikos wrote:

> By the way, continuing with your analogy, are you saying that Verisign
> property manager intends to now have fixed lease terms (similar to
> commercial real estate), and that the prior tenant can get kicked out
> at the end of the non-renewable term? I'd like to be put on the waiting
> list for Sex.com, Music.com, MP3.com, X.com, etc.. I can wait the 10
> years or so when their leases expire, so that I can secure them for
> $46. 

And this is the problem.  Verisign is creating a situation in which a
domain name has more value to the Registry and Registrar if the
registrant does NOT renew the domain, and creates a problem in that
the Registrar will be incentivized to not provide as strong a renewal
notification service as they would otherwise be under incentive to do.

They would be more inclined to meet the bare minimum requirement and
cross their fingers that the registrant doesn't pay attention to it.

Notice how quick the Snapnames CEO pounced and attacked the idea of
letting the current registrant know that some one has requested to be
placed on the waiting list or has done a "back order" on their domain

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

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