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RE: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??


--- "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@verisign.com> wrote:
> George,
> Let me change the analogy.  Is it okay for a property manager to have
> a
> waiting list?

I've noticed that Chuck never actually ANSWERS a question (I'm still
waiting patiently for the answers to prior questions), but simply
answers a question with his own question. I shall set the example,
though, by answering his question.

Is it ok for a property manager to have a waiting list?

The answer is: MAYBE.

IF the LANDLORD allowed such a thing in their contract with the
property manager, it would be perfectly legitimate. HOWEVER (and read
this part, as it's important), it is NOT OK for the property manager to
create a waiting list on their own volition and keep all the money for
themselves, behind the back of the landlords!!!!!!!!!!

We actually had a case like this in Toronto, where a property manager
charged a bunch of people money to be on a waiting list, and then they
skipped town with all the cash. The landlord knew nothing (but was
ultimately responsible for providing a refund).

In most cases where there's a waiting list, though, there's a definite
end to the lease term (i.e. the prior tenants don't usually rent homes
or commercial real estate for 40 years), and it's mostly just a
"security deposit", which goes to the rent itself. The waiting list
security deposit isn't used a profit-center in itself.

By the way, continuing with your analogy, are you saying that Verisign
property manager intends to now have fixed lease terms (similar to
commercial real estate), and that the prior tenant can get kicked out
at the end of the non-renewable term? I'd like to be put on the waiting
list for Sex.com, Music.com, MP3.com, X.com, etc.. I can wait the 10
years or so when their leases expire, so that I can secure them for


George Kirikos

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> > From: George Kirikos [mailto:gkirikos@yahoo.com]
> > Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 5:19 PM
> > To: Gomes, Chuck; 'Joop Teernstra'; 'abel@able-towers.com'
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> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > --- "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@verisign.com> wrote:
> > > On a different note, let me try an analogy.  Is it okay for a
> > > landlord
> > > to have a waiting list for a house in case the current 
> > rentors do not
> > > renew their lease?
> > 
> > Are you suggesting that Verisign is the LANDLORD for dot-com? 
> > Yes or no
> > would be nice.
> > 
> > Landlords have ownership, and simply rent out names. As far as I am
> > aware (please correct me if I am mistaken), Verisign registry 
> > is simply
> > the property manager on behalf of the true owners (be it ICANN, the
> US
> > Government, internet society at large, who really knows, etc.),
> > managing the registration database. Having been the property
> managers
> > for so long, Verisign might feel that they can do what they 
> > want....but
> > some day the absentee landlords might wake up and decide to 
> > replace the
> > property managers, or at a minimum remind them that they have a
> > property manager's contract and code of behaviour.
> > 
> > Sincerely,
> > 
> > George Kirikos
> > http://www.kirikos.com/

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