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[ga] members.icann.org

Dear Stuart,

When typing in http://icann.org I came across this new page which states:  
There is no web site at the Internet address that you entered. Please click 
below on the web site you want to visit.  It then lists a number of sites 

members.icann.org: The web site for the ICANN at-large membership program. 
This program was active in 2000 and led to the selection of five ICANN Board 
members through an online vote. It is currently dormant while the At-Large 
Study Committee formulates recommendations for future participation by and 
representation of Internet users within ICANN.

May I ask why members.icann.org needs to remain dormant?  Why not open it now 
to begin receiving input?  We don't need a committee recommendation to know 
that an interactive website would be of value to the At-large.  Perhaps this 
would enable the At-Large to better build their own domicile and lessen the 
workload on both the Committee and the Staff.

Best regards,
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