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RE: [ga] Re: Virus warnings on the GA list

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Subject: [ga] Re: Virus warnings on the GA list

Moreover, let's have this sleazy little weasel who is hiding
behind a cloak of anonymity with his complaint come
forward and face up to me and to the rest of the GA,
many of whom have invested great sums of money in
trying to stay in business in the face of viruses and the
like, with the grounds for his/her complaint.

I didn't make the complaint but I fully agree with it.  I'm sure all
business people would love it if during their meetings protestors barged in
and started ranting about global warming.  There is a time and place for

To bring this back into GA Focus, the discussion should have been about
what measures are in place for the GA list.  Perhaps stripping all
attachments from mail sent to the list is appropriate?  This is done on a
number of lists.

Personally I would like to see all html mail rejected also.  There are a
number of exploits available that can be carried in html mail.

With respect to the anonymity of complaintants, perhaps your own
description of them as a "sleazy weasel" justifies the acceptance of
anonymous complaints.  I'm sure no one would appreciate rantings and
attacks from those complained about, with the possible exception of myself
and a few others :).

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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