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[ga] Re: Virus warnings on the GA list

Moreover, let's have this sleazy little weasel who is hiding
behind a cloak of anonymity with his complaint come
forward and face up to me and to the rest of the GA,
many of whom have invested great sums of money in
trying to stay in business in the face of viruses and the
like, with the grounds for his/her complaint.

"Irrelevant to the business of the GA?"  With enough
worm viruses running through the various lists, and the
many mailing lists that each of us have of others, there
would be no GA!

I've seen some asinine things in my life, but this takes
the cake.

Bill Lovell

Alexander Svensson wrote:

Dear Bill,

even if virus warnings such as the one by you in
are posted with the best intentions, we would like to
ask you to refrain from sending them in the future --
they are irrelevant to the business of the GA and
tend to divert attention. We have received a complaint
about your message.

Best regards,
/// Alexander (for the list monitors)

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