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Re: [ga] First Draft of "Letter from Registrars Constituency to Stuart Lynn"

erica wrote:

> At the risk of drawing  flack and flame mail, my own view is that it would
> be worth considering the creation of a Consumer/Registrant  Protection
> Constituency -  rather than an individuals constituency.  While, in a sense
> this is just a change of name, it also provides a much needed point of
> focus - with the result that attention is shifted from the constituency
> membership to to purpose of the constituency.  By emphasising the purpose,
> it would be much easier to seek the funding required to support such a
> constituency from potential donors (such as industry, government or other
> public interest or consumer protection organisations)  and clarify
> membership benefits.


This idea has possibilities.  Methinks there are some merits to this
proposition.  Perhaps we can develop this in more detail?   As there would need
to be a definition of the position of consumers/regitrants, which your proposed
CRPC would be advocating, would it not be wise to finally include a discussion
on the definition of domain names in the new weltanschauung?

Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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