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Re: [ga] First Draft of "Letter from Registrars Constituency to Stuart Lynn"

Erica Roberts wrote:
>Joop says:
> > When can the registrants themselves have their say in how they would 
> > to be "protected"?
> >
>I agree that this is an important issue and I know that many registrars
>would be interested in developing a code of conduct incorporating a
>'customer bill of rights' or something of the sort.  We already have
>protection for customer IP rights but this is just one aspect of the
>consumer protection issue.  Others aspects include name portability
>(otherwise known as transfers), change of registrant, and billing.
>One way of moving the issue forward would be for the NC to put together a
>cross constituency WG to identify consumer protection principles to be
>incorporated into ICANN policy.  Alternatively, the GA or any constituency
>is free to draft a set of principles, and refer them to the NC for
>consideration and endorsement by the DNSO.

The protection of IP rights has not been ensured via a cross-constituency 
WG, or a proposal to NC, but building a specific constituency.
I would assume that similarly, while the options you outline are reasonable 
second-best choice, the ideal solution would be to let the consumers (as a 
whole, not just subsets like Business, IP, NonCom) to be able to get 
organized in a Constituency.
Specifically, and that was probably Joop's point, what is sorely missing is 
a vehicle to transmit the instances of the Individuals.

Would the Registrars favour such Constituency, with the rationale that 
consumers could be partners in building fair rules of conduct, or would they 
oppose it, maybe because they think that consumers and Registrars have 
opposing financial interest?
IMHO, the text at the origin of the thread is a clear example of a policy 
issue where an Individual DNH Constituency, would it have existed, could 
have supported the POV of the Registrars Constituency.


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