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[ga] [Fwd: Motion for amendment]RULES

This is not a cross post but requires the attention of the entire GA.  I
ask all to input on this matter.  I ask all again to review our rules
and be ready to clean up our own house as Madilyn has so correctly
pointed out.

I apologize but this will be a very boring task, however if we do it,
and view it as evolutionary we can reach a much higher degree
credibility and outreach and participation.  (Us children really do need
a clear set of rules before we want to play, Us adults will not lay down
our money until we know the rules the dealer is going to follow.) With
all your hard work we can create a much more effective GA.


  • To: "[ga-rules]" <ga-rules@dnso.org>
  • Subject: Motion for amendment
  • From: Eric Dierker <eric@hi-tek.com>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 07:08:34 -0700
  • Organization: Hi-Tek.com
I hereby move the chair for a vote on the following point of order;

Amend our GA rules to allow the establishment of sublists in order to
facilitate greater and more pointed discussions.

Lists to be established by the GA chair after a 12 day discussion on the
GA list.  The Chair to post an announce and a notice on all existing GA
lists to begin discussions.  The GA chair to determine GA consensus in
her own judgment after said 12 day discussion and create or not create
new list.  The list may also be created by a 12 day discussion after 12
members of the GA jointly propose it to the GA.  That list shall be
created by the secretariat after notice from the spokesperson for the 12
gives proper notice after the 12 day period.

(this is needed to legitimize our actions and allow us to move forward
to further amend the rules)

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