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[ga] IUSO/IUAC an urgent necessity

On 11:15 10/06/01, WXW said:
 >  The DNSO deals specifically with domain name/dns issues, and
 >  as such those who have a direct stake and interest in that process
 >  should be the ones who make up the constituencies in that supporting
 >  organization.

The Individual Usership is mostly concerned by society issues and the way 
the Naming System may help or create them. This if first to deal with the 
Digital Divide. When the WIPO wants to forbide teenths to access their 
favorite singing group site because it is named "Aspirine" or my delishop 
site because his Armenian name is the English acronym of an UN 
organization, and do not even consider Arabic, Chinese, Indian wording as 
to be protected etc... etc... there is a real problem.

A problem which is now resolving: possible IU Members (i.e. the real world) 
start disregarding the Internet and its inneficient american joke organizer 
or use the nets their own open way (ex. NewNet, NameSlinger,  foreign 
roots, and more to come...) Individual Users integration is of the essence 
if you want the iCANN to survive as one of the RSCs (root service centers).

All the capacities - including the @large - represented at the iCANN or 
planed to be represented are on a supply side (telco, host, machine, 
software, content, media). All the problems we face are from the lack of 
the demand representation.

We could represent it. As we are users too. But we have to reform (not 
review) the DNSO.

We have to get rid of the word constituency first: the cultural problem is 
incredible. When I read Joanna, Joop, Jeff or Danny they will never 
understand each other as their thinking is obliterated by what a 
constituency is in their own local culture. We have to accept once for all 
that the DNSO is not representative. It is not a place where problems are 
disputed. It is a place place where problems should be solved. No one cares 
by who, as long as the system makes sure that every concerned need has been 
taken into account and satisfactorily addressed. By one or thousand people.

This should allow us to serialize the issues, instead of the people. I am 
interested in every and more issues than covered by the DNSO. The current 
system prevents me to keep track because some MLs are barred to me and 
anyway they are either inactive or jammed (when you put people together 
without a target they just talk and argue on nothing). No-constituency, no 
sub-lists: centers of interests (one site, position links to be resolved 
into consensuses through an ML open to all) served by a common secretariat.

Up to you folks. But the world will not wait much longer for you.


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