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Re: [ga] Joop Teemstra's candidacy

On 16:17 09/06/01, William X. Walsh said:
>Hello Jefsey,
>Saturday, June 09, 2001, 5:44:38 AM, Jefsey Morfin wrote:
> > This being said, I fully support the nomination proposed by
> > WXW of DPF to the NC.
>You misunderstood, Jefsey.  The nomination was as GA Representative to
>a Names Council working group, NOT to the Names Council. Only the
>constituency appointed people to the Names Council.

YOu right: this is what I mean. Several have asked about the way such a 
representation would be carried: these are minor  procedural points that 
still may be discussed.

The main point is who will be selected. As I proposed, instead of one 
talented and experience but alone person I propose 9 Members of the GA. You 
may note that I continued considering that the NC working group would only 
welcome one representative from the GA. In selecting 9 people from the 
different geographical areas and cultures (what is a real need for 
individual users) I think we would push the NC to delegate 9 people too to 
that WG. We would then be sure to have a serious and documented final 
document agreeing to the BoD.

But this is to the NC to decide.

>Best regards,
>William X Walsh
>Owner, Userfriendly.com
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