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Re: [ga] Individuals' Constituency Task Force Member

I agree with both parts of the message quoted below..

Dassa wrote:

> First I would think a call for nominations for the position would be in
> order and then a vote by the GA to select the member the assembly thinks
> would be best suited.  If the GA is agreeable to the Chair specifying the
> appointment, I have no objection but will point out it may give reason for
> others in future to state a rejection of the choice.
> Second, Joop, as you mention has been predominate in the attempts to
> instigate an Individuals Constituency.  He has made petition to the ICANN
> Board in his endevours.   For reasons of their own, the Board has not
> looked favourably on the submissions made by Joop and it appears that he is
> not held in favour with that forum.  This may cause his participation in
> the process to taint, in the Board's eyes, the outcomes.  I say this not to
> belittle Joops achievements or to cast aspirations against him, but to
> highlight the fact he appears to have generated some disfavour in certain
> quarters.

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