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[ga] NCDNHC/ccTLD love affair

Here is the text I quoted:

The NCDNHC supports formation of a body which would provide technical and 
policy assistance, such as operations, domain name disputes, etc., and 
necessary guidance in enhancing ccTLD registries in developing countries.

That the NCDNHC form a body which will help ICANN investigate violations of 
the ICP-1 and RFC-1591 ccTLD documents;

That the same body be tasked with studying whether the current ICP-1 and 
RFC 1591 documents need to be modified, supplemented, or replaced by a new 
document which will ensure that the ccTLD administrators adhere to 
community-based, community-supported, and neutral registry operations of 
the ccTLD Registries in consonance with ICANN's policy of ensuring a 
neutral gTLD registry.

The ccTLD contracts among ccTLD-ICANN-GAC should go through an appropriate, 
open, transparent and documented consultation process with Local Internet 
Community, which by nature includes various non-commercial organizations 
and its members.

Therefore, NCDNHC, would like to propose that ccTLD contract should first 
go through DNSO consultation in order to encourage local Internet community 
discussion rather than negotiation among small group of people, ccTLD admin 
contact, ICANN staff and representative from GAC.


I do not question anymore the vote of the ccTLDs concerning the voting 
rights of the NCDNHC!

But I am sorry Roberto did not pick on my proposition to set-up a 
WG-RFC1591-Review. This would be the best way to address all our pending 
problems. The RFC-1591 should be our [users] updated White Paper. Like the 
Constitution of the iCANN.


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