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[ga] Watch out here she comes!!

Would our great leaders please give us some warning as to when they will
return in order that we may prepare a proper welcome.

I question authority and yet when it serves the people I give
accolades.  We all know your style Uncle Younger Please let us prepare
for when you drop your dramatic bombshell of revelations of what
occurred in the land of the Great Queen.

And since discussions have been going so well could we please have a
short reprieve from list admin interference.  And since things have not
deteriorated despite your absence could someone please inform whoever
that we are just fine and don't really need governance at this
rudimentary level.

And last but not least since I know you cannot possibly honor this
request would you ask whoever that when and if rules are going to be
established and applied that they do so first through the GA rules
sublist, which we believe Mr. Lovell is the Chairman of such list.

Perhaps after Stockholm at least some realize that censorship is bad and
that representativeness from us is good.

Best of luck in the new quarter!


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