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Re: Re[2]: [ga] Opinion Concerning ICANN Board/ccSO Matter

At 11:58 AM 6/5/01 +1200, DPF wrote:

> >ccTLD registries do not control name resolution inside their
> >countries, which is apparently what some people who think this is some
> >"coup" option seem to believe.
>No-one is suggesting this.  The option open to the ccTLDs is quite
>simply to set up their own version of IANA which will handle all
>contact details and zone files for the ccTLDs at probably 1/10th the
>price incidentally.  They would work out their own redelegation

Would the Internet communities in the various countries have any say about 
this? Or will the ccTLD managers just forge ahead?

>Most ccTLDs (OECD ones anyway) are supported by their Government and
>local communities and if domain names in that country stopped

Many, but not all. There are many ccTLDs that are operating independently 
of government support.

jim ayson / jim@philmusic.com

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