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Re: Re[2]: [ga] Opinion Concerning ICANN Board/ccSO Matter

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001 16:24:20 -0700, you wrote:

>Hello DPF,
>Sunday, June 03, 2001, 8:45:57 PM, DPF wrote:
>> I think people miss the fundamental point that ICANN needs the ccTLDs
>> far far more than they need ICANN.  If the ccTLDs don't get better
>> representation than 1/7th of 1/3rd of half the Board then they will
>> take their ball and play elsewhere.
>There is no other place to play.

There is.

>There is some misunderstanding that some people believe that a ccTLD
>can remove itself from ICANN if it becomes dissatisfied with it.
>That really is not an option.   Even if a ccTLD embraced alt.roots, it
>would not really have any effect other than as PR for the alt.roots.
>It would not result in the ccTLD not resolving in ICANN roots, nor
>would it broaden the resolution of alt.roots.
>ccTLD registries do not control name resolution inside their
>countries, which is apparently what some people who think this is some
>"coup" option seem to believe.

No-one is suggesting this.  The option open to the ccTLDs is quite
simply to set up their own version of IANA which will handle all
contact details and zone files for the ccTLDs at probably 1/10th the
price incidentally.  They would work out their own redelegation

Such an organisation would simply tell ICANN/DOC that for any ccTLD
they should point Root Server A to the wwTLD Root Server.  ICANN would
have absolutely no choice at all.  They have no power to set up
alternative registries in each ccTLD, especially if all the local ISPs
support the current registry.

If ICANN even tried to point to a different place then what the ccTLDs
wanted then Root Server A would find itself non authoritative damn

Note I do not recommend this path of action.  But it is definitely
feasible and unless ICANN can persuade ccTLDs of the merits of paying
ICANN $1.4 million and more importantly be reassured that ICANN is not
going to try and impose global policies on them, it will become more

Most ccTLDs (OECD ones anyway) are supported by their Government and
local communities and if domain names in that country stopped
resolving because of ICANN feuding with the local ccTLD, there would
be phone calls to the WhiteHouse damn quick and DOC not ICANN control
Root Server A.

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