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Re[4]: [ga] Opinion Concerning ICANN Board/ccSO Matter

Hello DPF,

Monday, June 04, 2001, 4:58:24 PM, DPF wrote:
> Note I do not recommend this path of action.  But it is definitely
> feasible

Remote possibility maybe.  But not really something that any ccTLD
would seriously consider doing.

> Most ccTLDs (OECD ones anyway) are supported by their Government and
> local communities and if domain names in that country stopped
> resolving because of ICANN feuding with the local ccTLD, there would
> be phone calls to the WhiteHouse damn quick and DOC not ICANN control
> Root Server A.

You seem to think the backlash would be against ICANN/USG.

By and large, even in the EU, the governments supported the creation
of ICANN, and have been participating in the GAC.

With ICANN they got almost cart blanche authority over the ccTLDs,
something they didn't have pre-ICANN, and most certainly would not
have if the ccTLDs went their own way, since all but a small handful
of the ccTLDs (who were already in co-operative agreements with their
government, such as .dk) opposed this change in policy from the
original RFC1591 text and policy.

Best regards,
William X Walsh
Owner, Userfriendly.com
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