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Re: [ga] Perspective

At 12:41 3/06/01 -0400, Joanna Lane wrote:
>on 6/3/01 11:28 AM, Eric Dierker at eric@hi-tek.com wrote:
> > Of course Mr. Younger did a great job, that is what we pay him the big
> > bucks for isn't it?
>Danny Younger is not a wealthy person, has a young family and can ill afford
>these trips out of his own pocket. I think we should at least invite him to
>submit his account of ICANN related expenses over the past week, discuss the
>issue and solicit contributions towards reimbursement.

I thought that is what Eric was driving at.
Funding is a critical issue.
Apart from individual help by members here, I find it a crying shame that 
the Markle Foundation, (through Salzburg Seminar)  that boasts to be 
funding the ICANN travel for the sake of democratic representation, closes 
its eyes when there is genuine and obvious need to help promoting democracy.
Instead it sticks to its rules that only members of organizations that 
belong to the NCDNHC are eligible for funding.

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