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Re: [ga] DNSO GA Chair Danny Younger

At 02:09 3/06/01 -0700, Derek Conant wrote:
>I am in attendance at the ICANN meetings in Stockholm.  I feel compelled
>to mention that it was a privilege to watch DNSO GA Chair, Danny
>Younger, in action presenting the GA constituency case and review to the
>Names Counsel.  Mr. Younger in my opinion did a most professional and
>outstanding job in representing the GA with what he had to work with.
>In my opinion, the GA constituency chose the right person as chair
>person for the GA and everyone here should feel honored that Mr. Younger
>accepted the responsibility of representing the GA.

It's the mailing list "chairing" that is the most difficult job for a GA chair.
Our chairs (both of them) deserve that we all bend over backwards to make 
their burdens a little lighter and refrain from the chair bashing game.

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