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Re: [ga] Re: [ga-roots] Alternate Roots Issues Paper for Discussion

And so it would appear that we now have an ICANN originated document, a
middle of the road Younger intitiated document, and what we need is a
scathing more powerful and correct document.  The facts are becoming
clear.  The intentions are becoming self evident. And while you are
saddened by this "Study" some of us soldiers are pleased to see the line of
demarcation finally drawn so that our marching orders are clear.

I am well pleased that you veterans of so many Internet battles are woeful,
because of your wisdom in knowing the damage a war will cause.  But those
of us who have suffered the indignity and tragedy of matters such as
reverse domain name hijacking, loss of domain names through NSI's
Johnsonesque horrors, fifty thousand lost on a prearranged lottery and
countless other malfeasances, are about ready to give up a lot in

I for one am tired of the gray and am looking for a little black and
white.  The BoD has been well handled by the staff up until now.  The
drawing of a line in the sand as this Study and Crispins latest approach
are, fortell the end of that slippery stance.  I am surprised that they let
it occur before the DoC signs off on the carpetbagging ICANN biz.

Oops I just gave them an out to say that this study does not support their
position.  Do you think Touton will be smart enough to take it. (it is the
old leak it and maintain plausible denial strategy all over again -
remember the leaked budget).  If they went further back to the Lincoln
administration tactics at least some of this stuff would look new.


Jeff Williams wrote:

> Bruce, Grand and all,
>   It is with great sadness that I read Grant's "Founding Principals" in
> this"Study" on other root structures.  However I was not surprised that
> it simply parrots what the ICANN BoD has been insisting upon
> from the beginning.  So much so, that it would seem that the
> language was copied from some E-Mails sent by ICANN BOD
> and staunch supporters for their "Vision" of the DNS.
> Bruce James wrote:
> >    Part 1.1       Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
> >               Encoding: 8BIT
> Regards,
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