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Re: [ga] Older registrations

At 02:26 PM 3/21/00 -0500, Craig Simon wrote:
>Simon Higgs wrote:
> >
> > Submissions started in response to this message from Jon Postel:
> >
> > http://www.iiia.org/lists/newdom/1995q3/0233.html
>That doesn't make sense to me. Submissions started prior to that. In fact, the
>first submission was from you (Simon Higgs), dated 14 Sept, and Postel's 
>follows on the 18th, a few days later.

I wondered who would notice. :-) I think a couple of folk were tipped off. 
I think I know how but I want to verify it first. I've been searching for 
the reference, but haven't found it yet.

>It looks to me like Jon was signalling that he agreed with the idea of adding
>new gTLDs, but that he wanted to work on establishing some formal way to 
>the additions.


>And it seems to me that the list he posted in December 1996 was primarily for
>informational purposes at the inception of the IAHC deliberations. He repeats
>the caveat about the "considerable possibility" that individual requests won't
>be granted, but his attempt to show care that all submissions be properly
>counted indicates that he was still open to the possibility that some 
>would have

Note that nearly all requests come from an individual who is the request 
contact person. This makes the statement moot without the rest of the 
application information to determine who is a company and who is an individual.

>Note that there are no requests to describe or verify operational status
>of the iTLDs, which nevertheless was part of the process he used for 
>adding new

Actually there were, but not in that message. The operational verification 
information was to be evaluated in the registry application process.

Best Regards,


The bandwidth is out there...

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