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Re: [ga] Older registrations

At 12:16 PM 3/20/00 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:

> > You can say whatever you want. I'll stand by the
> > historical facts:
> >
> > In 1995/1996, IANA solicited new iTLD requests under the guidelines laid
>                      *********
>Not fact.

Semantics. When two out of four IANA employees tell others to go ahead and 
submit an application, and even go so far as to tell them how to go about 
that process, even informally, I'd call that something "semantically 
similar" to a solicitation.

> > out in RFC1591. IANA received many new iTLD applications and published the
> > results on the IAHC-discuss mailing list (archived at www.gtld-mou.org for
> > some inexplicable reason).
>IANA published the collection of applications that people had sent in
>over a substantial period of time, whether on whim

Submissions started in response to this message from Jon Postel:


Hardly a whim. And the period of time of submissions was exactly the length 
of time between the above message and the creation of the IAHC (when IANA 
published their list). This can be verified from the time stamps noted on 
the IANA list (9/14/95 through 11/28/96):


Best Regards,


"Disraeli was pretty close: actually, there are Lies, Damn lies, Statistics,
Benchmarks, and Delivery dates."

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